Learn About the Seed Recipients - Current Financial Situation

Hear about the financial lives of SEED recipients in their own words.

“I don’t think we really know who is living paycheck to paycheck. People might look at you and assume you have a good life. But, you don’t know. I have friends who always appear happy, but I know behind the scenes what’s going on. They are living paycheck to paycheck it’s something people hide.” — Anonymous SEED Recipient

Current Financial Situation
$500 Group
Comparison Group
Demographic data are collected from people in Stockton whose addresses were randomly selected.
Selectees were randomly assigned to a treatment group that receives $500 per month, or to a comparison/control group that does not receive the money.
Demographic surveys are completed every six months, beginning December 2018.
How does this compare to the selected Census tracts of Stockton?
Why do we have more people earning less than the median in the SEED program?

The median, or middle, household income in Stockton was $46,033 in 2017, or about $3,800 per month. Why is SEED’s median income lower than this? One reason could be that families who earn less were more likely to respond to our invitation letter than those who are not struggling to make ends meet.