Learn About the Seed Recipients - Gender

“I stayed in a bad relationship for longer than I should have because I didn’t have the money to leave. Looking back, if I only had the $500 back then I could have grabbed my kids and run. But, I was stuck. Other people are in these situations too because they don’t have the money.” — Anonymous SEED Recipient

$500 Group
Comparison Group
Demographic data are collected from people in Stockton whose addresses were randomly selected.
Selectees were randomly assigned to a treatment group that receives $500 per month, or to a comparison/control group that does not receive the money.
Demographic surveys are completed every six months, beginning December 2018.
How does this compare to the selected Census tracts of Stockton?
Why are there more women in the sample than men?

Put simply, when we enrolled people in SEED and interviewed recipients, we learned that women were more likely to open the mail than men in the same household. In households with adult women and men, recipients also shared that women were more likely to manage daily tasks around the home like paying bills and responding to surveys. While we cannot say with absolute certainty that this explains the entire gender distribution, these findings are consistent with other research on household level financial behaviors.