How is the $500 Impacting People?

Hear about how guaranteed income is impacting the lives of SEED recipients.

“Teeth. I got teeth. I can smile. I used to cover my face with my hand.” — Anonymous SEED Recipient

“I have hope. I’m not just a freeloader anymore. If someone needs groceries, I’m like “I’ll go to the store, I’ll get it.” I don’t feel like a parasite anymore. I can help. And it’s amazing how much not feeling like a parasite helps your health.” — Anonymous SEED Recipient

“Paid off PG & E and got my daughter a dress… she got to go to prom. Like a normal teenager.” — Anonymous SEED Recipient

Average Monthly Income

Median Monthly Income

Purchase Categories
Total Average
* Each month thus far, less than 1% of total money tracked has been spent at alcohol and tobacco retailers.
All data related to consumer spending are derived from the 2017 Consumer Expenditure Survey collected from a nationally representative sample by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The following stats are filtered to include families residing in the Western United States.